Thursday, August 27, 2009

Web Autobiography

I guess I would have to consider myself a digital native. When I was little we had the "black and green" computer that didn't really do anything unless you had the giant floppy disks that went with it. I think that was the first Oregon Trail game I had. There was also a Sesame Street Themed word processor my mom used to let me use. When AOL (America Online) first came about, my parents were all over it. I think we probably had one of the first versions installed on our home Dell computer. I didn't really discover web browsing until middle school, though. I never knew what to look for, so my ability to find new things was skewed until people started giving me ideas. Mostly, the internet was used for e-mail through AOL at my house until my parents felt "us kids" were grown up enough to use NetScape or Internet Explorer. I remember when my sister got one of the first MP3 players. It could only hold about 10 songs unless you bought a bigger memory card, then it could hold up to 50 or so. We just thought it was cool because we could put interesting music mixes on it without burning new CD's.

My earliest memories of web surfing are when I was visiting a friend who introduced me to things like,,, and other such sites. I remember being amazed and confused by it. I couldn't quite grasp where all this information was coming from or where it was stored. I was fascinated by how much was already in existence on the web without my knowledge of it, and all I wanted to know was where it was coming from and who had the time to put it there. Before I was web surfing, though, I had a "kid's" AOL account that allowed me to get e-mail and instant message my friends from school who also had AOL. I guess that was before MSN Messenger was popular or Pidgon cam out.

I wouldn't say I hate the web, but I have to say there are parts of me that fear it and love it. I love it because of all the information I can find without having to leave my seat or trying very hard. I fear it because so much of my life has now been integrated into websites all over the world. My life is not my own and it is not private as long as I allow it to exist online.

My favorite site to visit is:

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