Monday, October 26, 2009

Essay Draft 1

Link to Draft 1

Reflecting the Draft:

My draft expresses most of the ideas I want to convey, but it does not wrap all the ideas together yet into a firm conclusion. I've kind of ended the draft without really ending the paper. I need to expand on the ideas I do have in my blog with more information gathered from the resources I have. Since this was a draft, though, I wanted it to mostly be my conclusions and assertions about collaborative online writing and (kinda) accidental anonymous posting.


  1. Hi Katie, sorry for the confusion in opening your document!

    I found your paper to be very interesting, especially since our papers are the same topic: collaborative authorship.
    Your ideas are definitely in the right direction so far. You bring up many good questions inside your first draft - do you have a certain subject you can link these questions to? That might help tie the paper together a bit more as you stated you wanted to do.
    As for the conclusion which you also stated you need to work on, I would sum up the main idea you are working to push through to the reader and maybe close the paper with your opinion of this type of authorship and whether or not you believe it is is a step forward or backward for the literary world.
    Good luck!

  2. Hey Katie!
    You have a really great first draft of your essay. You make strong claims about your idea of authorship and have relevant examples to back it up, such as using and also using the essays we read in class for references in your paper. I think everything is really well-written but I would def. expand more on your ideas and use more examples, maybe another website like and maybe compare and contrast the difference between how those sites view authorship. And I agree that you kind of sut ended the paper but make sure to have a full conclusion that will tie everything together and give one final thought about authorship and anonymous users

  3. Katie!

    You have a great drafted essay so far. You're ideas are all put together very well, and you have some good information to cite. I would maybe try to use some more examples about theories we talked about in class. If you explain more of your topic in detail it'll give the reader a better idea of examples related to your topic. You may want to strengthen the closing paragraph by answering the assertions you presented. Other than that, I think it's really great!