Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creative Work Reflection

I am not quite sure what I'm doing for this part yet. I was thinking that I could start a project on a writing forum and invite members of the forum to contribute in some way. But, I'm not sure if doing that would get enough responses quickly. Although, doing a project like that would be closely related to the topic I'm discussing, especially if I make the project about Online Collaborative Authorship and Anonymity. Maybe the project could call for authors on the website to post their ideas about writing online and what it is all about. It could potentially become a bigger project, but it is hard to say what the outcome would be by the time i would be presenting it. I'm not sure how to make this work visually. Maybe I could create my own web page and ask people from online forums to go to the website to contribute some sort of work that they have done. Maybe I could create the first Open Source Writer's Commons. That would be very interesting and would be the point of my entire essay. In fact that would be the most interesting idea. Maybe I could do it through google sites...

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